We provide superior appellate representation to criminal defendants who cannot afford private counsel.

At Appellate Advocates, we strive to protect every client’s rights to due process and equal justice.

For over 25 years, Appellate Advocates has represented individuals from Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island who have been convicted in the trial court and cannot afford private counsel on appeal.

We have won more than 70 cases in New York’s Court of Appeals and over 1,100 cases in the Appellate Division, Second Department.

We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights to due process and fair treatment and ensuring that each client receives the legal representation to which they are entitled.  Justice in court should not depend on one’s financial means.

Court Wins

Court Decision: SORA Hearing Court Grants Downward Departure to Level 1 Based on Client's Rehabilitation
Court Decision: Court of Appeals Unanimously Rules That Trial Judge's Batson Error Requires Reversal and New Trial
Court Decision: Conviction Reversed and Indictment Dismissed as Verdict Was Against the Weight of the Evidence

Advocating for Equal Justice

Our passionate and dedicated staff strive to ensure that all clients have their day in court.

Re-entry Program

The Re-entry Program at Appellate Advocates helps connect clients who are being released from prison with the resources and support they need to get settled and re-join their communities.

Social Work Program

The Social Work Program at Appellate Advocates works closely with attorneys in all practice areas to provide high-quality holistic representation. We employ a client-centered, strength-based, trauma informed approach.

Appellate Advocates has achieved ...

Indictments Dismissed


New Trials Ordered


Sentences Reduced


Court of Appeals Wins