Court Decision: Manslaughter Sentence Reduced by Six Years

Appellate Division, Second Department: People v. Reneau

Manslaughter Sentence Reduced by Six Years

Mr. Reneau was acquitted of second-degree murder but convicted of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree weapon possession. The incident occurred in the early morning hours outside a Brooklyn restaurant, after Mr. Reneau, who was friendly with the restaurant’s owner, was able to place an order ahead of other patrons. A group of men were angered by this and followed Mr. Reneau and his friends outside. When Mr. Reneau repeatedly heard the men refer to using a gun, he and an intoxicated member of the group exchanged gunfire, resulting in Mr. Reneau suffering a serious gunshot wound to the leg and the death of the other man. Mr. Reneau received a prison term of 23 years for the manslaughter count. On appeal, Mr. Reneau sought a sentence reduction in light of the nature of the incident, his sincere remorse for what occurred, and his rehabilitative potential. The Appellate Division modified the sentence, reducing it by 6 years to a 17-year prison term.

Brandon Kronstat represented Mr. Reneau