Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program at Appellate Advocates gives law firm associates an unparalleled opportunity to take a lead role in a criminal appeal.  Each year, the program pairs our most experienced attorneys with volunteer attorneys from a variety of New York City law firms.  Under the mentorship of one of our senior attorneys, volunteers learn to evaluate the criminal trial record and draft an appellate brief.  The volunteer argues the case before an intermediate appellate court, usually the Appellate Division, Second Department or the Appellate Term, Second Department.  Should the case advance to the New York Court of Appeals, the volunteer has the opportunity to argue in our State’s highest court.  We work with and oversee our volunteers at every step of the process, and make our office’s resources, most notably the collective experience and knowledge of our staff, available to them.  For more information about Appellate Advocates’ Volunteer program, contact David Greenberg at (212) 693-0085 ext. 206, [email protected].