Aware of and sensitive to the many challenges that formerly incarcerated persons face, Appellate Advocates established the Re-entry Program in 2007 to ease the transition of clients from prison to successful integration into the community.

Since then, Re-entry Services has provided a broad range of direct and indirect assistance to hundreds of our clients.

Our mission is to provide personalized re-entry and support services to increase the chances of successfully transitioning into the community and preventing future contacts with the criminal justice system.

Re-entry Services is unique and effective largely because of the interdisciplinary approach we employ, working in conjunction with our social work program and an attorney familiar with the case. Together, we provide clients with comprehensive re-entry and other direct and indirect support services.

Our direct services include assisting clients with securing personal documents, applying for public benefits, preparing resumes and cover letters, job searches, one-on-one peer counseling, assistance with preparing and submitting supportive housing applications, help with navigating child support arrears and family reunification, as well as providing new and gently used clothing.

Our indirect services include referrals to Appellate Advocates’ social work practice, other re-entry services providers and social service agencies, and referrals to employment and housing agencies.