Our mission is to provide superior representation to indigent individuals convicted of crimes.

Most of our cases are assigned by the Appellate Division, Second Department, and are direct appeals following a conviction after a trial or a plea.

Appellate Advocates is a non-profit public defender organization that was formed by experienced criminal defense attorneys in 1995.  For more than a quarter of a century, we have represented, primarily on appeal, individuals who have been convicted of crimes in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.  Our clients, who cannot afford legal representation, are assigned Appellate Advocates as counsel by the courts.  Many of our clients are among society’s most disenfranchised and reside in diverse and predominantly Black, Brown, and immigrant communities.

We provide superior legal representation.  Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are dedicated to ensuring that each of our clients receives the zealous representation that anyone accused of a crime is entitled to and deserves.  We firmly believe that justice should not depend upon a person’s financial means or their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

During its more than 25-year history, Appellate Advocates has won more than 70 cases in the Court of Appeals, New York’s highest state court, and prevailed or obtained relief for our clients in more than 1,100 cases in the Appellate Division, Second Department.

No trial or plea is perfect.  Trial judges, prosecutors, juries, and trial counsel can and do make mistakes.  Appellate Advocates aims to correct these errors, whether it be a client who received an unfair trial, was overcharged by a prosecutor, did not receive adequate representation by trial counsel, or was subjected to an illegal or excessive sentence.   

Appellate Advocates delivers services beyond legal representation.  Our Social Work Program supports our holistic model of representation by providing client counseling and producing evaluations and assessments for ongoing legal proceedings.  Our Re-entry Services Program assists clients while incarcerated and upon their release to secure housing, benefits, and employment to ensure they can successfully transition back into the community.  

Appellate Advocates has assisted hundreds of clients with Social Work and Re-entry services, providing critical counseling and comprehensive support.

Working together, Appellate Advocates is determined to ensure that each client we are assigned to represent receives superior legal representation and compassionate assistance from our dedicated staff.

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Appellate Advocates has won numerous landmark decisions in the Court of Appeals, obtained legal relief for more than 1,100 clients, and assisted more than 1,800 individuals with re-entry and social work services. Learn More →

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