Court Wins

Court Decision: Robbery & Burglary Convictions Vacated & Dismissed, Reducing Sentence by 21 Years
Court Decision: Taxi Stop by the Police Was Unlawful, Requiring Suppression and Reversal
Court Decision: Convictions and Sentences Vacated and Dismissed as Repugnant
Court Decision: State High Court Unanimously Reverses Murder Conviction Due to Violations of Constitutional Right to Present a Defense
Court Decision: SORA Hearing Court Rejects People's Nolo Contendere Plea Argument, Client Adjudicated Level One
Court Decision: Sex Offender Registration Act Requirements Vacated
Court Decision: Second Felony Offender Adjudication & Sentence Vacated
Court Decision: Murder Conviction Reversed, New Trial Ordered Due to the Cumulative Effect of Trial Court Errors
Court Decision: SORA Hearing Court Agrees Points Improperly Assessed, Client Receives Lowest Level
Court Decision: Downward Departure Granted to Level 1
Court Decision: 15-Year Sentence Reduced to 10 Years
Court Decision: Trial Court's Error in Denying For-Cause Challenge to a Prospective Juror Required Reversal & New Trial
Court Decision: SORA Modification Granted, Client Adjudicated Lowest Possible Risk Level
Court Decision: Confrontation Clause Violated & Sentence Reduced by 2 Years
Court Decision: Insufficient Evidence on Assault Count & Numerous Errors Required New Trial