Court Wins

Court Decision: Prosecution's Peremptory Strikes of Three Prospective Jurors Violated Batson, Requiring New Trial
Court Decision: Communication by Court Officer to Deliberating Jury Required New Trial
Court Decision: Murder Conviction Reversed and New Trial Ordered Before a Different Judge
Court Decision: As-applied Constitutional Challenge to SORA Registration Prevails in Court of Appeals
Court Decision: High Court Rules That Police Interference With a Bicyclist is a Seizure Requiring Reasonable Suspicion of a Criminal Offense of Probable Cause of a Vehicle and Traffic Law Violation
Court Decision: Court of Appeals Reverses Murder Conviction Due to Warrantless Entry of Home
Court Decision: Albany High Court Unanimously Finds Confrontation Clause Violation & Reverses Conviction
Court Decision: Downward Departure to Level 1 Granted Due to Numerous Mitigating Factors
Court Decision: Due Process Violation Results in New SORA Hearing
Court Decision: Post-Conviction Relief Practice Obtains Vacatur for Client
Court Decision: Court Grants Downward Departure From Level 3 to Level 1
Court Decision: Plea Vacated Due to Defective Search Warrant
Court Decision: Murder Conviction Reversed Due to Ineffective Assistance of Trial Counsel
Court Decision: Trial Judge Assumed the Function and Appearance of an Advocate, Requiring a New Trial
Court Decision: Sentence of 10 Years Reduced to 4 Years