Court Wins

Court Decision: Court Grants Downward Departure From Level 3 to Level 1
Court Decision: Plea Vacated Due to Defective Search Warrant
Court Decision: Murder Conviction Reversed Due to Ineffective Assistance of Trial Counsel
Court Decision: Trial Judge Assumed the Function and Appearance of an Advocate, Requiring a New Trial
Court Decision: Sentence of 10 Years Reduced to 4 Years
Court Decision: Second Felony Offender Adjudication Improper, Remitted for Resentencing
Court Decision: SORA Adjudication Reversed & New Hearing Ordered When Judge Upwardly Departed Without Notice or an Opportunity to Be Heard
Court Decision: SORA Order Reversed Due to Inadequate Notice
Court Decision: Indictment for an Aggravated Family Offense is Jurisdictionally Defective When it Fails to Specify the "Present Offense"
Court Decision: Downward Departure to Level One Granted by Hearing Court
Court Decision: Denial of Downward Departure Was Error, Resulting in Level One Adjudication
Court Decision: Murder Conviction Reversed & New Trial Ordered Due to Prosecution's Impermissible Use of Prior Statement
Court Decision: Defective Information Results in Dismissal
Court Decision: Improper Admission of Evidence Required Reversal of Murder Conviction
Court Decision: Court's Failure to Sufficiently Inquire Whether Juror Was Sleeping Required New Trial