Court Wins

Court Decision: Wrongful Conviction Vacated & Client Released From Prison
Court Decision: Drug Possession Conviction Vacated and Dismissed Due to Brady Violation
Court Decision: Automobile Exception to Warrant Requirement Does Not Apply, Judgment Reversed
Court Decision: SORA Modification Petition Granted, Reducing Level from 3 to 1
Court Decision: SORA Modification Petition Granted, Level Reduced From 2 to 1
Court Decision: Plea Vacated and Case Remitted for a Hearing Before a Different Justice When Cooperation Agreement Not Honored
Court Decision: Manslaughter Sentence Reduced by Six Years
Court Decision: People Concede SORA Points Improper, Resulting in Level Reduction
Court Decision: 440 Hearing Ordered for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claim
Court Decision: Downward Departure to Level 1 Granted
Court Decision: Risk Factor Points Successfully Challenged, Resulting in Level 1 Adjudication
Court Decision: Prosecution's Upward Departure Denied, Downward Departure Granted to Level 1
Court Decision: Weapon Possession and Marijuana Convictions Vacated and Dismissed
Court Decision: Denial of Adjournment and Missing Witness Charge Were Errors Requiring New Trial
Court Decision: Prosecution's Request for an Upward Departure Rejected, Client Adjudicated Level 1